Programme + Abstracts

Complete schedule:

Please note some minor changes to the programme may yet appear.

C. SimaderA. MikelicK. KozelA. NovotnýI. Straškraba
9:00-9:40opening till 9:20W. JägerJ. NeustupaE. FeireislP. Krejčí
9:40-10:10R. Farwig from 9:20M. Neuss-RaduM. BenešM. PokornýR. Vodák
10:10-10:40Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
10:40-11:10W. VarnhornR. RackeP. FrauniéY-S. Kwonconcert from 11:00
11:10-11:40C. AmroucheJ. WolfT. BodnárM. YangY. Shibata from 11:15
11:40-12:00A. KufnerY. Giga till 12:20P. LoudaY. LuT. Roubíček
14:00-14:30Š. NečasováM. SpecoviusT. PiaseckiR. HerbinM. Macháček
14:30-15:00A. SilvestreA. SequeiraJ. CaoB. JinM. Kampschulte
15:00-15:30I. LasieckaS. CanicM. CakirA. WroblewskaR. Triggiani
15:30-16:00Coffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee BreakCoffee Break
16:00-16:20M. GalicO. ConstantinYadong LiuM. CaggioYi Liu
16:20-16:40M. SzlenkC. PatriarcaT. EiterA. FalocchiB. Huang
16:40-17:00A. RadosevicR. JuodagalvyteG. SbaizM. BravinM. Chebbab
17:00-17:20D. BasaricS. ChebbiJ. ScherzZ. HeA. Dhifaoui
17:20-17:40A. LancmanováI. SibgatullinF. Oschmann

Abstracts of Papers:

Amrouche C. – Elliptic Problems in Lipschitz and in C1,1 Domains

Basarić D. – On well-posedness of quantum fluid systems

Beneš M. – Vortex Rings and Binormal Curvature Flow

Bodnár T. – Artificial stress diffusion in numerical simulations of viscoelastic fluids flows

Bravin M. – On some had hoc test functions for the study of homogenisation of compressible fluids

Caggio M. – Low Mach number flows and dimension reduction in fluid

Canic S. – Probabilistic well-posedness for a stochastic fluid-structure interaction problem

Chebbi S. – Discrete Energy behavior of a damped Timoshenko system

Cakir M. – FSI analysis of turbulent flow around a vertically mounted elastic plate

Cao J. – A hybrid numerical framework for study of tornadic wind dynamics

Constantin O. – A complex-analytic approach to certain flow properties of irrotational travelling water waves

Eiter T. – On uniform resolvent estimates associated with time-periodic rotating viscous flow

Falocchi A. – Some results on the 3D Stokes eigenvalue problem under Navier boundary conditions

Farwig R. – The Navier-Stokes Equations in Domains with Moving Boundaries

Feireisl E. – Asymptotic properties of open fluid systems

Fraunié P. – Numerical methods for stratified flows – A tribute to Prof. Karel Kozel

Galic M. – Regularity of a weak solution to a linear fluid-composite structure interaction problem

Giga Y. – On the Helmholtz decomposition of BMO spaces of vector fields

He Z. – Two-dimensional Boussinesq equations in general Sobolev spaces

Herbin R. – On Lax-Wendroff’s theorem

Jäger W. – Interactions of fluids with poro-elastic media – Derivation of a system of coupled Stokes and plate equations for fluid flow through a thin porous elastic layer

Jin B. – Maximal Lp regularity of the heat problem with nonhomogeneous Neumann boundary condition and it application

Juodagalvyte, R. – The Navier–Stokes equations in thin tube structure motivated by hemodynamics

Kampschulte M. – Variational methods for coupled Navier-Stokes problems

Krejčí P. – Ivan Straškraba and Applications of Mathematics

Kwon Y-S. – On-time behavior of dissipative solutions to models of non-Newtonian compressible fluids

Lancmanová A. – Numerical investigation of steady incompressible fluid flow through a branched channel

Lasiecka I. – Stabilization and Optimal Control of a 3-D fluid-structure interaction with a weak damping

Liu Y. – On a fluid-structure interaction problem for plaque growth: cylindrical domain

Louda P. – Numerical model of transonic wind tunnel test section

Lu Y. – Homogenization of incompressible Navier-Stokes system in perforated domains

Macháček M. – Existence and uniqueness of invariant measure of dynamical system describing viscous Newtonian fluid

Neuss-Radu M. – Two-scale tools for homogenization and dimension reduction of porous thin layers and application to problems from elasticity

Neustupa J. – On some recent results from the theory of the MHD equations

Oschmann F. – Homogenization of compressible fluids in porous media

Patriarca C. – Attractors for a fluid-structure interaction problem with time-dependent phase space

Piasecki T. – Stability of the density patches problem with vacuum for incompressible inhomogeneous viscous flows

Pokorný M. – Twenty five years of working on exciting mathematical problems with Antonin Novotny

Racke R. – Dynamics of relaxed compressible Navier-Stokes equations

Roubíček T. – Interaction of finitely-strained viscoelastic multipolar solids and fluids by an Eulerian approach

Sbaiz G. – Fast rotation limit for the 2D density-dependent Euler system

Scherz J. – Fluid and rigid body interaction in an incompressible electrically conducting fluid

Sequeira A. – Blood rheology modeling and simulations

Shibata Y. – L1 maximal regularity of Stokes equations with free boundary conditions

Sibgatullin I. – Transition to turbulence in large aspect ratio domains filled with stratified fluids

Silvestre A.L. – Steady rigid body-Navier-Stokes fluid interaction: asymptotic behavior of the fluid and applications to drag minimization

Specovius-Neugebauer M. – Some remarks about the decomposition of vector fields in domains with boundary singularities

Szlenk M. – Weak solutions for the Stokes system for compressible non-Newtonian fluids with unbounded divergence

Triggiani R. – Unique Continuation Properties of static eigen-problems: the ignition keys for Uniform Stabilization of Fluids by Feedback Controllers

Varnhorn W. – On the Helmholtz decomposition in general domains

Vodák R. – On compressible nonlinearly viscous fluids

Wolf J. – Existence of weak solutions to the equations of a non-Newtonian fluid with non standard growth

Wroblewska-Kaminska A. – From compressible Navier–Stokes with nonlocal forces to Euler – relative entropy method

Yang M. – On Liouville-type theorems for the stationary MHD equations